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      Functional Safety Management

      Let our deep engineering experience and knowledge of the latest industry standards and regulations guide the review and validation of your process safety.

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      Functional Safety Management Services

      Functional safety management synchronizes all activities and roles along the safety life cycle with relevant regulations and standards.
      • Our offers

        • Organization and resource services identify responsibilities of each stakeholder, to ensure they have adequate competency to fulfill their roles.

        • Risk evaluation and management services specify tolerable risk, quantify hazardous scenarios and associated risks.

        • Functional safety planning services define activities required for people, department, organization or other units, with updates throughout the entire safety life cycle.

        • Implementation and monitoring services deliver functional safety work processes via safety instrumented systems (SIS). Procedures are implemented to evaluate the performance of the SIS, and ensure data is fed back into the design, guaranteeing integrity.

        • Functional safety assessment services define and execute functional safety assessment procedures to enable clear measurement of functional safety and system integrity levels.

        • Functional safety audit services study the safety life cycle to verify process safety management systems are in place and functioning effectively.

        • SIS configuration management services ensure traceability of devices through the life cycle, such as maintaining records for each instrument in the system.
      • Benefits

        • Standards compliance: Global functional safety management structure can be certified by TÜV Rheinland, for compliance to the IEC 61511.

        • Consistent quality: Ready-to-use and vetted templates, forms and checklists ensure consistency and fast project execution, while maintaining quality performance.

        • Consistent performance: Established procedures and work processes assure consistent performance of all the activities across the safety life cycle.

        • Knowledge management: Structured processes facilitate knowledge transfer to teams executing functional safety activities.

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