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    Safety system technology has become so advanced that it can be virtually failure-proof, if properly implemented. Our Triconex systems have collectively operated for more than 1 billion hours, without failure on demand. Our services include project management, system engineering, and a range of onsite services to ensure delivery of functional, fully compliant operational systems. With decades of safety leadership, we apply expertise of global safety standards, supported by a team of experts that can provide a single source for all safety system project needs.
    • Our offers

      • Project management: Dedicated program managers ensure the successful implementation and delivery of your safety solution. Many of our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), with expertise in delivering projects of all sizes and complexity.

      • System design: Design engineers build the safety system to meet the levels of risk reduction identified in a “Define and Assess” phase of the project life-cycle.

      • System configuration: Software engineers configure the safety system applications to provide the functionality needed to ensure safe operation of the plant. The use of proven software templates and function blocks ensures consistency and integrity of design.

      • System build: Hardware engineers and approved panel vendors deliver your system wired, tested and ready to go. The use of standard cabinet designs ensures uniformity and the highest levels of quality.

      • System test: All systems are designed and built to the specific needs of each customer. Rigorous testing and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is performed to prove and demonstrate system operation. Optional automated safety logic validation delivers faster project schedules with up to 40% savings in FAT time, as well as reducing errors, re-work and human fatigue.

      • System documentation: All systems are delivered complete with a comprehensive documentation set that covers system engineering, hardware, software and functionality.

      • System commissioning: Our engineers verify that the system operates correctly including loop checks and proper communications between safety systems and the DCS.

      • Validation and testing: Our automated logic validation tools help automate the traditional FAT process, reducing human error and providing significant savings in the project delivery schedule and cost. With a completely digital record of safety logic validation, you apply the same tool for periodic logic re-validation, saving days of downtime normally required to re-validate safety logic manually.
    • Benefits

      • Confidence that your safety system has been designed and implemented by our top-tier safety team, which adheres to the most stringent industry standards.

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