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      Definition and Assessment Services

      The safety life cycle begins at the concept stage, where we help identify and understand your risks, potential consequences, and the level of protection needed to manage and mitigate them.
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        • ISA84/IEC61511 gap assessment services identify gaps between protection and potential risk.

        • Process hazard analysis (PHA) services identify the hazards and risks, often according to relevant regulatory requirements for companies that handle or process highly hazardous chemicals.

        • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA) services evaluate process safety risks and ensure proper safeguards or independent protection layers (IPLs) are in place to reduce risk to a tolerable level.

        • Independent protective layer (IPL) and safety integrity level (SIL) selection services further define and refine selected IPLs and set SIL target assignments.

        • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) services verify the severity of the scenario, the consequence and the frequency, as well as handling conditional dependence among IPLs and the initiating causes.

        • Safety integrity level (SIL) verification services calculate each safety instrumented function (SIF), factoring in parameters, assumptions, limitations and data sources for each.

        • Safety requirements specification (SRS) services define the integrity and functional requirements of each SIF as defined in Clause 10 of IEC 61511.

        • Functional safety management planning (FSMP) services ensure that each SIF is correctly designed and operated to obtain the appropriate levels of risk reduction.

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      • Default Alternative Text A clear delineation of potential risks related to process operations and the kinds of protection that will be needed to close them.
      • Default Alternative Text Assured adherence to all relevant regulations and standards.

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