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Bienvenue sur notre site Web.

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      PLC Conversions


      Preserve hardware and programming investments

      In today’s tough business environment, you are looking for cost-effective methods to preserve your hardware and programming investments while extending component life and improving your manufacturing processes.


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      • Solutions

        As experts in many automation platforms, we are uniquely qualified to offer consulting and upgrade solutions to help you transition to state-of-the-art levels of control, efficiency, safety, and productivity.
      • Value Proposition

        With a methodology that mitigates risks and speeds-up your modernisation project, we will ensure that your previous investments and the knowledge accumulated by your operating personnel is retained.
      • Differentiation

        Well trained service teams with top level technical skills, efficient and proven migration methodologies, tools that secure and accelerate project deployment, and minimise project execution time.


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          Minimal risk through automatic tools and modernization solutions.
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          Cost effective with little or no operation downtime.
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          Risk free. Avoidance of unplanned downtime and protection against cyber threats.
      • Inside of a bottle facility, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system.
          Improved productivity with an increase in the reliability of your automation assets.
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          Flexibility and connectivity with new/open architectures and access to multiple network options.
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          Energy efficiency with PlantStruxure capabilities.