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      Spare Parts Management


      Critical parts available when you need them.

      Easy access to spare parts is a key requirement when you are looking to maximise the uptime of your automation system. Yet, reconciling the availability of components with budgetary limitations can pose a challenge.


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      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive spare parts management service with options for on-site and off-site storage.
      • Value Proposition

        Acquire and maintain the inventory levels necessary for optimal plant performance. Whether stored on your premises or in a central inventory, you can rest assured that your critical spare parts are always available when you need them.
      • Differentiation

        Receive only original parts through our dedicated supply chain for services products and benefit from thousands of our references.


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          Reduce your capital expenditure as we remain the owner of parts in stock
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          Ensure high availability of parts with guaranteed delivery within contractual timeframes
      • Regardless of equipment age, we have service options that include Maintenance, Remote Management, Spare Parts, Training, Modernization and Consultation; aligned to 5 key phases of the Asset Management Life Cycle. Worker and manager in warehouse.
          Optimise inventory levels in alignment with your needs
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          Balance your maintenance budget
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          Increase your installation’s uptime