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    Remote Technical Support


    When the unexpected happens.

    It is critical to have instant access to expert technical information and support. Having readily-available assistance can save your organisation valuable time and money.


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    • Solutions

      Our phone support service provides you with quality assistance from experts with extensive knowledge of our automation products and applications. A specialist will help you install, configure and diagnose to resolve your technical issue faster.
    • Value Proposition

      Our support centres utilise the latest tools to deliver best-in-class support and diagnostics. You get the answers you need through direct access to our competent product specialists during and outside of business hours - whenever you need it.
    • Differentiation

      Receive unique expertise through our global or local capabilities. Expertise that includes manufacturer’s training and associated certification. Furthermore, you have the option to include this service with modernisation and maintenance contracts.


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        Priority access to technical support for applications and troubleshooting
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        Ability to address equipment issues over the phone
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        Expertise available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a guaranteed response time
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        Scalable service, enabling you to choose the right level of support to suit your needs
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        A detailed escalation procedure ensuring timely response