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    Extended Warranty


    Protect your investment.

    Schneider Electric’s extended warranty ensures the long-term protection for your assets and gives you better control over your maintenance budget.


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    • Solutions

      Broaden the scope of your standard factory warranty through an extended warranty and an on-site extended warranty. These options will provide you with more peace of mind and better control over your maintenance budget.
    • Value Proposition

      After your original product warranty expires, you face the risk of additional maintenance expenses that are difficult to plan and budget for. Our extended warranty service gives you protection against escalating repair costs.
    • Differentiation

      Receive world-class expertise enhanced by our global database of knowledge, benefit from the comprehensive knowledge we have on our installed base, and rest assured that specific manufacturer procedures are adapted to Schneider Electric’s products.


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        Protect your budget from unscheduled expenses
    • Overview of a large factory floor
        Reduce your administrative costs by processing only one purchase order per warranty period
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        Protect your investment
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        Benefit from high quality repair performed by Schneider Electric experts