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      Modernization & Upgrades

      Upgrading your control system is easier than you think, thanks to our comprehensive service offer and extensive industry expertise.

      Automation system upgrades

      Upgrading your automation systems to the latest control technology can reap great benefits. But you can replicate these returns by extracting maximum performance from your legacy assets. Knowing when to repair or replace aging control assets is a challenge for even the most seasoned plant manager. We have the tools, expertise and modernization methods to evaluate your existing automation systems and provide the upgrade strategy that is right for you, today and in the future.
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      You need to manage upgrades while minimizing production downtime and associated cost. Your challenges also include ensuring efficient, cost-effective system upgrades, securing the resources to upgrade properly. You also need to quantify the benefits of newer technologies and sustain them after the upgrade honeymoon.


      • $2.5 million The yearly cost for two hours of downtime at a typical plant
      • 30% of work hours wasted on manual plant operations and exception handling
      • 6 months The average time it takes to find a new or replacement worker
      • Default Alternative Text 0.5 to 3% of revenue; 3-10% of profit margin; $1.3M in bottom line impact — average costs that can be attributed to poor operations visibility.
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      Our Modernization and Upgrade Services

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        Figuring out where to start and developing a long-term modernization plan can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in.

        Discover our portfolio of modernization services
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      • Modernization questions Real Time Answers

        Get answers to all your modernization questions with a comprehensive set of solutions for legacy control systems, process safety, cyber security and more.

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