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      Start-Up Services


      Start-up doesn't have to be time consuming or complex.

      Minimise start-up time, reduce the risk of equipment failure and make sure your installation performs as expected.


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      • Solutions

        Receive expert assistance in the installation and start-up of your new system in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest difficulties. Our start-up services are designed to help you achieve the full value of your automation investment.
      • Value Proposition

        We can help you choose the right technologies for your project, aid in the design, and train your staff on programming, maintenance and user procedures. Start up your new system in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest difficulties.
      • Differentiation

        With our Start Up Services, you will receive the best expertise available, secure your time-to-market and ensure equipment performs as designed.


      • A Schneider Electric employee looking at a clipboard for energy management
          Provide power-up and diagnostic checks on all Schneider Electric system components
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          Identify and provide all spare parts needed to support a successful start-up
      • business people with charts and tablets comparing energy management data
          Verify modernisation levels to ensure they are appropriate for the configuration and application
      • Business people in hard-hats walking on factory floor with lots of machines, power management, plant solutions.
          Validate system mounting, routing and connection of wiring, cabinet space and airflow
      • A man viewing water pipes and flow charts on multiple monitors, sustainability reporting.
          Verify system software upgrades
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          Provide a complete start-up report with details of configuration, topology and serial numbers