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      Engineering & Contractor Services


      Schneider Electric as your partner

      EPCs have to struggle with changing operationg environments, late changes on project specitication and data, staff turnover, stringent delivery process and contractual Terms & Conditions.

      Install Schneider Electrics offers an outstanding product portfolio for beneficial engineering and construction.

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      • Solutions

        Design libraries are available at FEED stage, FLEX engineering approach secures a proficient utilization of our power, control and safety solutions. Operator Training Simulators with advanced simulation and optimization foster smooth commissioning.
      • Value Proposition

        Schneider Electric aims to create the condition where project participants work within acceptable tolerances to develop and meet a uniformly defined and understood set of objectives to deliver cost, schedule and process quality certainty.
      • Differentiation

        • Reduced cost : work done at FEED stage can be re-used during Design and Testing.
        • Schedule : our Flexible Lean EXecution (FLEX) approach secures project is delivered on time.
        • Reduced risk : our engineering workbench removes many causes for manual errors.


      • Overview shot of two pairs of hands reviewing big data analytics in forms of charts and graphs on paper and a tablet, sustainability reporting.
          Reduced costs. Utilize prefabricated e-houses, low footprint universal IO and virtualization.
      • Technician in hard hat monitoring computer screens in control room, facility management software.
          Integration & scalability. Consider the advantages of unified power, control & safety architecture
      • Two men looking at a computer, sustainability consulting, sustainability reporting, big data analytics.
          Ability to manage technological risks through advanced simulation and statistical analysis tools.
      • Two colleagues discussing a dossier, sustainability consulting.
          Confidence. Decrease risk adopting integrated tools to extract data directly from project databases.
      • Employé se tenant devant un module serveur, racks et armoires, exploitation du datacenter.
          Our products are cyber secure by design. Leverage our services to ensure regulatory compliance.