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    Industrial Cybersecurity Services

    Your computers, control systems, networks and data are subject to increased cyber threats. Our industrial cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning, policy management and defense methodologies to counter the threats.

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    You need to protect your control systems without impacting operations or breaking your budget. This involves making sure that your staff follows safe practices and that all software security patches are up to date and in place. You also want to capture the benefits of IIoT, mobile computing and the cloud, without introducing vulnerabilities and constraining timely access to data.


    • 2100% Increase in industrial cyber attacks over the past three years
    • 140 million Number of cyber attacks in 2015
    • +300,000 Number of new malware programs created every day
    • $3.8 million Typical financial impact of a single cyber attack. Source: Ponemon Institute.
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    Our Industrial Cybersecurity Services