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      Design and Implementation services

      Multiple security layers safeguard Schneider Electric control, safety and SCADA systems, enabling defense-in-depth for both legacy and new systems.


      • Default Alternative Text Networks designed for secure operations
      • Default Alternative Text Central authentication, authorization and auditing
      • Default Alternative Text Endpoint malware protection with built-in data loss prevention, device control, whitelisting and host intrusion prevention
      • Default Alternative Text Centralized patch management
      • Default Alternative Text Network and system performance monitoring
      • Default Alternative Text Project design includes IT and OT
      • Benefits

        • Secure control network communications protect network traffic
        • Application software integrity and revision control ensure that the latest versions and patches are always in place
        • Improved asset performance and productivity management ensure optimal network performance, enhanced security, secure data access and timely software updates


      NERC CIP Compliance

      Adhere to government regulatory requirements and avoid steep penalties through staff augmentation and our comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio.

      Modernization & Implementation

      Case studies

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