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      ECOFIT: Modernization of MV and LV switchboards

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        Implement the best solution evolution

        Schneider Electric is helping you to get the most out of your equipment and installations. ECOFIT is a Retrofit solution design to extend the life of your MV or LV equipment

        Electrical Distribution equipment life cycle

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        • Solutions

          The ECOFIT offer refers to a partial or complete replacement of old equipment with new equipment. It aims to extend electrical equipment’s lifecycle, enhance availability and operational reliability. It includes the replacement of MV circuit breakers, Protection relays, LV circuit breakers & drawers
        • Value Proposition

          • Enhance your process dependability
          • Optimize your maintenance service costs & limits your investments
          • Maintain compliance with evolving industry standards and legislation
          • Ensure the safety of your personnel by using the latest technology
        • Differentiation

          • ECOFIT: Tested, validated and certified by Schneider Electric
          • An excellent reputation, benefiting from worldwide installed base
          • 80 years of accumulated experience and expertise in Electrical Distribution