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    Optimize your electrical network

    We help you proactively maximize your installation’s uptime and performance.

    • Customer story: Hilton MP4: improving monitoring, performance and maintenance

      Any outage in a premium hotel impacts customer satisfaction. Learn how our site-wide installation assessment helps Hilton secure electrical installation through a detailed plan: Maintenance, Modernization, Monitoring and Management.

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      Removing risk while improving performance and reliability are key challenges to your daily operations. Our field services experts will give you proactive and tailored recommendations to reduce these challenges. Performed by professional engineers, our assessment services provide a roadmap to optimize future capital and operational expenditures.
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      Our analytical studies help fine-tune your electrical system

      We verify it operates as it was designed and intended.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Graph up icon Maximize production levels by increasing installation availability and quality. Improve your OpEx by providing a roadmap to optimize your operation and maintenance.
      • Default Alternative Text Prioritize your electrical installation investments and optimize your CapEx. Increase safety and mitigate electrical risks. Predict failures and act before they happen.