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Bienvenue sur notre site Web.

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      Service Plans


      Maintain maximum efficiency & optimal performance

      When it comes to maintaining and operating your mission-critical infrastructure, your primary concern is keeping it operating at maximum efficiency and optimal performance. A Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services service plan, customized to your unique business needs, is the answer.

      Service Plan options

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      • Solutions

        The Advantage Plan is a comprehensive service offer designed to provide customers with best-in-class service at a predictable and cost effective price. The Advantage Plan permits the customer to choose the plan best suited to their unique needs, according to the degree of site criticality, physical infrastructure architecture and budgetary constraints
      • Value Proposition

        Advantage Plans are hassle-free service packages designed to improve system uptime at a predictable cost.
      • Differentiation

        The Advantage Plan provides you with peace of mind in knowing your system will receive the care it needs to operate efficiently with minimal downtime.